October 18, 2011

Fish Flake (3)

George at the Media Centre was so helpful.  We mounted the projector and speaker on the ceiling.  The USB drive went into the little media machine, the machine connected to the projector, audio into the projector, and out to the speaker.  I had my installation!  The hook-up was straightforward, the difficult part was to balance the 4 sets of branches.  It might work better with two people.  Anyway, I had to work with the projected image on the floor.  Since the flake is smaller than the projected image, the sculpture has to sit inside the frame.  The shadows cast on the floor give another perspective.  I don't mind that at all.  I think the installation is working.   Good feedback from the class tonight.

Suggestions:  blur the edges, have multi projections (more oceans), without projections, multi voices.

It was all worthwhile when Sarah said she had never thought of the ocean being a work place for some people.  This is all I want for the work to allow people to reflect, and to look at things from a different perspective.

October 14, 2011

Fish Flake (2)

Took a long time to balance the branches.  Something about using the branches for this work, not just because they were used traditionally, but their organic shapes.  Richard Fung made a comment about the shapes of these branches.  They reminded him of my Spirit sculptures.

Tested the projection from above and it worked.