December 31, 2013

Last day of the year....

A beautiful morning. We have sun, waves, ice on the trees.  I can hear the surf crashing into the cove, against the jagged rocks and cliffs.

What a magical place!!!

October 17, 2013

I have started a new encaustic piece and am having problems in finishing it.  This is the piece for the group show at Red Ochre in November.  I have also done a few image transfers using labels paper and really loved the effects.  Here are some of the images.

I really like the ghost like effects...things of the past...

Talking about ghost.  I have a video project in mind after reading some entries from the SUF minutes. This particular entry is dated December 20,1909 about the drowning of Henry Sullivan.  His great grand son was in Pouch Cove several weeks ago trying to find out more about the family.  I did more research and found the Evening Telegram on December 21, 1909 mentioned the body was not found.  I am thinking about using other people's stories to re-create Mr. Sullivan's life stories - The Legacy of H.S. I have been listening to the interviews and using Sound Studio to do the initial editing.  I am not sure where this is going to take me but this is something I want to do anyway.  

September 17, 2013

A big gap between last post and this post...

Worked on two proposals - St. John's Convention Centre Façade and NL Arts Council Project Grant.  Time spent on writing these proposals really forces me to think about my work (the why that Michael Prokopow's favourite word), and to articulate my thoughts.  It is never easy for me to write, but something that I have to keep doing.

Here are the images that I submitted for the St. John's Convention Centre Façade.

For the NL Arts Council I am proposing a place specific installation combining video and sculpture work relating to Biscayne Cove, an abandoned community.  Again, memories and remembrance, my ongoing theme that I've been working with since grad school.

June 24, 2013

Spirit of the Sea - opens June 20, 2013

The opening reception was wonderful.  Brenda did a great job hanging the show.  The Telegram had an article about the exhibition.  I am really happy that everything seems to work out.  It meant a lot to me to have my Pouch Cove friends there.  This is not just my show, this is their show as well.  The show is about the place and its people.

June 05, 2013

Two more weeks before the show opens.  I am trying to work out the logistic of mounting/installing the sculpture and audio work.  Took down a few things for Lucy to frame.

April 16, 2013

I am going to dedicate my show to Kate.

My work has been always about place through memory and remembrance.  Pouch Cove has been the site of enquiry for self-discovery.  Pouch Cove has allowed me to feel what is like to belong. Stories have the power to bring us to the traditional ways of seeing, knowing and remembering.

Herb, Shirley, David, Ted and others here in Pouch Cove always talk about the old days and the hardship.  It  is not that they want to go back to the hard time, but to hold on to the feeling of "good time" that came out of it.  Herb would say to me, "We were poor, but we were happy.  Those were the good time".

April 12, 2013

There was a memorial service for Kate at MUN today.  There were plenty of tears, and a few laughs also. Kate's thesis was mentioned and some passages were read out.    We all have to "Learn(ing) to Love Again".  I have the urge to get hold of Kate's thesis paper and read it. How ironic that her work was about loss and remembrance.  Newman came up to the room and gave us kisses. 

April 09, 2013

Brenda came to take a look at my work.  She seemed to be quite happy with what she saw.  She was excited about the audio installation.  She even suggested that I should build a flake and place the aluminum fish on it.  Her enthusiasm was very encouraging.

April 07, 2013

My dear friend Kate passed away today.

I have no words to describe my feeling.  I asked Trish to pass this message on to her:

"kate,  you know how obsessed I am about fish flake.  I know you'll laugh when I say this.  Kate, you are the longers that hold up the flake.Love you…"

Kate, we will miss you so much.  You will always be part of our life, part of NL.  I said to Bob NL is not going to be the same without you.