September 26, 2012

Pouch Cove Flake

Ap and Wayne did it.....Pouch Cove has its first flake in 30? 40? years!!!  I am so thrilled and excited.  I thought I was going to help unloading the longers but Ap and Wayne had them all out and Ap started laying them down.  One longer at a time, and a couple of hours later...a flake!!!

September 22, 2012

Recreational Fisheries

Today is the first day of the fall food fisheries.  Weather is perfect.  It's 8:00 o'clock and Hudson launch is busy with boats going out and coming in.  Gruchy launch is still under repair.  I miss hanging out at the cove bank, chatting with the locals.

September 16, 2012

Pouch Cove Heritage Day

It all started from my application to Dept. of Tourism, Culture and Recreation back in June for an Culture Event funding to construct a fish flake.  The initial proposal was not accepted because their funding does not allow 'construction'.  In the mean time, Bernie from the Heritage Committee suggested that the project is to go ahead with the support from the Heritage Committee.  At the end, we did receive a small funding from TCR to carry out an event to 'talk about the flake'.   Katie Pittman approached us to see if we would do a joint Culture Days activities with them (Pouch Cove Library Board).  Well, this has turned into Pouch Cove Heritage Day with various activities in addition to building a flake.

Ap is going to help us with the flake since Ted is not able to do it this year.  We have to get longers and it doesn't look like I can get video footage for that.

Dan gave a presentation of our Culture Days celebration at the council meeting tonight.  Ap, Sue and Bernie were there.  We got what we asked, opening of town hall and museum.   The Mayor and one of the councillor were so excited about the project.

Poster is done, flyer is done, book mark is done.  People start getting excited about the event.