January 09, 2012

Preview of videos

Bert, Barry Doris and Paul came by this afternoon to watch the videos.  They enjoyed it very much.  They were very curious to find out who is who on the audio piece.  After the videos, they started talking about the time when they were small, things that they had to do for example, delivering lunches to the people who were working down by the water.  Doris said both the audio and video piece brought back lots of memories for her.  When they started remembering the flakes and stages, I wish I had my recorder on.  To run to get my recorder is not a right thing to do.There are so many stories to be told.   I keep making new connection with the locals and that makes the project so worthwhile.

Casting Cod

Went down to see Ted this morning.  I think I am going to bring back a salted cod to Toronto.  I hope the fish is not going to go bad.

January 08, 2012

Gerald N. - making of flakes

Had a casual visit with Gerald this morning and showed him the videos.

"... there are wood lots with trees that grow so close together that there aren't many branches... they are called longers and are used for building stages and flakes.  You get in trouble if you cut them down for firewood..."

Ted told me one time that when building boats, they would go into the wood to look for tree branches with special shapes.  These shapes are perfect for particular sections for a boat.

January 01, 2012

Videos - preview

December 30, 2011

Our friend Elke asked me to show my videos during her Friday "Happy Hour" social.  I took the opportunity to invite the people who were in the interview to come as well.  It went very well.  It generated more stories telling afterwards from the group and I wish I had my recorder on.  I created another video using the audio tracks and played it on TV for the group.  Watching the video in front of a TV screen has a different feel to it. 

Roger B. has this to say about recreational fishery: